About Us

We are proud to announce the opening of the new Kinder Garden Preschool named ”Happy Home” in the heart of our Yerevan, in Alikhanyan street 15/3.
The Kinder Garden School values the education and development of young children.
They will experience leaving home and family during the day. We want them to become a member of a group & function as part of the group. It is important to us to teach them to get along with classmates, to take turns, and to respect the rights of others. Teachers work on developing a positive self-esteem and learn how to effectively communicate ideas to others.
Our Kindergarten provides a social and academic foundation to children in an effort to prepare them for future life experiences.
The kinder garden can attend the children from the age of 2-6.
Due to limited number of children in each group(only 8-10 in each),every child receives an individual approach, taking into consideration the personal traits of each child.



Address: R. A, Yerevan-0019, Alikhanian 15/3
Telephone: (+37410) 56 74 22 , (+37491)33 17 98
E mail: info@happyhome.am